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We Have You Sticker

We Have You Sticker

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Introducing the "We Have You Sticker" - a captivating glimpse into the unknown, where the enigmatic allure of extraterrestrial encounters meets the mysteries of the cosmos.

At the center of this mesmerizing sticker is the face of an alien, its gaze penetrating with an otherworldly intensity. But what sets this depiction apart is the presence of a third eye, a symbol of heightened perception and transcendent awareness.

Surrounded by a swirling background, reminiscent of the vortex of space and time, the "We Have You" sticker invokes the intrigue and uncertainty of an alien abduction - a phenomenon that has captured the imagination of humanity for decades.


Embrace the mystery of the cosmos and boldly declare your connection to the stars with the "We Have You" sticker - because sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction, and the mysteries of the universe await those who dare to explore.

• High opacity film that’s impossible to see through
• Fast and easy bubble-free application
• Durable vinyl
• 95µ density

Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.
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