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Dive into a universe of apparel inspired by aliens, monkeys, apes, and the boundless realms of psychedelics and philosophical concepts. Our clothing line is a fusion of bold designs and thought-provoking themes like the simulation theory and the stoned ape theory, inviting you to explore and reflect.

Discover our range of T-shirts, snapbacks, and hoodies that are not just wearables but conversation starters, blending comfort with mind-expanding aesthetics. Whether you are a seeker of the unknown or a lover of unique and meaningful fashion, Alien Space Monkeys is your gateway to a world where style and substance coexist.

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Embark on a Cosmic Journey with Alien Space Monkeys Volume 1.

Dive deep into the uncharted realms of the monkey multiverse with our upcoming book series, narrated by the enigmatic alien observer, Galaxis! Hailing from dimensions beyond our comprehension, Galaxis traverses through universes brimming with sentient primates, unveiling the mysteries and wonders of existence.

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Our passion extends beyond the realms of the known universe. We delve deep into the mysteries that have captivated humanity for ages, seeking understanding and connection. Here's a glimpse into the theories that inspire us:

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Ancient Astronaut Theory

This theory posits that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in ancient times, influencing the development of human civilizations, technologies, religions, and more. Evidence, as proponents suggest, can be found in ancient texts, artifacts, and structures that seem too advanced for their time. From the pyramids of Egypt to the Nazca lines of Peru, hints of otherworldly intervention are scattered throughout our history.

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Stoned Ape Theory

Proposed by ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, this theory suggests that the evolution of human consciousness was significantly influenced by our ancestors' consumption of naturally occurring psychedelic substances. As early hominids consumed these substances, it's believed that they experienced enhanced cognition, improved visual acuity, and the birth of spirituality, leading to the rapid evolution of the human mind.

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Simulation Theory

Imagine our universe as a sophisticated computer program, and our reality is nothing but a simulation created by a higher intelligence. This theory, popularized by thinkers like Elon Musk and philosophers like Nick Bostrom, challenges our understanding of existence, suggesting that everything we know might just be a part of a grand virtual design.

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Aliens From Higher Dimensions

Beyond the three dimensions we perceive, some theories suggest that there are higher dimensions, imperceptible to our senses. Aliens, as some believe, might not be from distant galaxies but from these higher dimensions. Their seemingly supernatural abilities and advanced technologies could be a result of their existence in a realm beyond our comprehension.

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Universal Consciousness Theory

This profound concept suggests that at the core of existence, there is a singular, boundless consciousness. Everything in the universe, from the vast galaxies to the tiniest particles, from the mightiest whales to the smallest microbes, and indeed every one of us, is an expression of this consciousness. We are not separate entities merely interacting with each other; instead, we are individual facets of a grand, unified awareness.

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