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Close Encounters Sticker

Close Encounters Sticker

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Embark on a psychedelic journey with the "Close Encounters Sticker," a vibrant celebration of cosmic intervention and the mysteries of consciousness expansion. This sticker is a technicolor dream, featuring a benevolent alien entity bestowing the gift of mushrooms upon our ancestral primates, symbolizing the pivotal moments where extraterrestrial meets terrestrial life.

The artwork bursts with an array of vivid hues, encapsulating the very essence of psychedelic experiences and the interconnectedness of all life forms. With each color chosen to represent the rich tapestry of the universe, this sticker is not just a decorative piece but a portal to a story of cosmic enlightenment and evolutionary wonder.

Stick it on your laptop, your notebook, or anywhere you want to spread the message of universal connection and the playful spirit of cosmic curiosity. Perfect for those who resonate with the idea of ancient astronauts, the "Close Encounters Sticker" is an invitation to ponder our place in the vast universe and embrace the imagination that fuels our journey through space and time.

• High opacity film that’s impossible to see through

• Fast and easy bubble-free application

• Durable vinyl

Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.

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